Product Solutions

ATC offers Product Solution which are mostly web hosted applications that are for the Business and Family. Proven cost savings with No hardware, No software and No administration, creating tremendous time and cost savings for any situation.

Offerings in the following Departments:

Hosted Exchange
Salesforce CRM
Google Applications

Why Hosted Solutions??

Although hosted applications will not suit every situation, or every customer, they offer many companies considerable benefits over the locally installed application.

A hosted application, also known as Internet-based application, web-based application are software applications where the software resides on servers that are accessed through the Internet instead of the more traditional software that is installed on either a local server or on individual PCs.

Basically moving the application from a local server to a server on the Internet.


Reduced costs, instant deployment, easier to maintain and reduced administration are among some of the main benefits.

Low Maintenance

With hosted applications the hardware/software is the responsibility us and you only having to maintain access to the Internet. There is no software to download, as hosted applications can be made instantly available across an entire organization even where the organization has multiple regional and international offices.

Product Offerings:

Exchange Hosting (OWA and Blackberry Sync)
Google App’s
Salesforce (Deployment, Customization, Administration, Report Generation)

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