The LAB is our constructive playground for development. It’s a division to develop “think tank” innovative web-based projects that bring fresh perspectives and new concepts to reality. Our goal is to use the bleading-edge ideas and technology as a positive transformative force in people’s lives while inspiring to create jobs.

Our LAB division is run what we call a “custom software factory setup” and should really be called 2LAB’s because we have the division broken down into 2 distinct areas. All work is done on ATC premises in a confidential discreet method to ensure confidentially for client purposes and protect client concept. All work is done in our typical manner of weekly or bi-weekly deployment framework which increases time to market and focus deployment while decreasing risk of budget overruns. We will on occasion assist with partnerships with technical VC firms for additional capital, leadership and marketing efforts.

Dedicated for proto-type projects which are in stage 1 and 2 deployment. Startup or Ramp-up phase initiative’s that are on a pilot platform. Typically a small shared team approach with budgets from 5k-100k.

Dedicated to proof of concept with direct long term funding of 50K+. At this point we will assist with stage 3+ and transitioning to larger scale dedicated teams and development platforms.

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