ATC Centers

ATC Centers are strategically located throughout the US to support the multiple offerings which we provide for our clients. Most Centers are located in HUD zones which are economically challenged communities with the Americas.

As this falls within the core values of ATC which is creating US jobs while offering the best of class technology solutions and training for our dedicated clients.

For multiple reasons we have decided on this concept but here are just a few as they are many benefits for all involved.

  • Reinvestment into America’s infrastructure by turning dilapidated buildings into world-class Training and IT Centers
  • Creating construction, transportation, security and other jobs from revamping our IT Centers
  • Bring salaries and a tax base into State and Local communities
  • ATC is maximizing and applying Tax Credits and Incentives which in return allow us to give competitive pricing to our clients.
  • Clients who participate in our efforts and also join the Help Rebuild America(HRA) organization are eligible for Tax incentives of their own.

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