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American Technology Consulting provides technology consulting, application development, business process management, network infrastructure and managed services to clients in a wide range of industries. Our company is founded on the principles of providing high quality services and products while consistently providing reliable support. By reducing outsourcing, the corporate landscape will continuously help the American workforce by expediting the unemployed back into the workforce, lowering the reliance on unemployment insurance (which lowers taxes). Also by getting people working again, in general terms, helps stimulate our economy overall and many firms benefit if eligible for tax credits.

Our company goals are as follows:

  • Help diminish IT off-shoring by redirecting projects into the hands of qualified and re-trained American workers
  • Continue to establish IT classes to retrain downsized American workers
  • Thus by retooling American workers, they will ultimately be more productive and knowledgeable, gainfully employed and continue to help people escape from any reliance on unemployment
  • Our diversified support and product range continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard products and listening to our clients. We are not just supporting our clients technically but helping them to grow with their client business expansion.

Our unique service has established our place in this industry. This allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

Outsourcing Expectations:

There are numerous drawbacks to outsourcing that are generally not realized due to the initial (though often limited) cost savings. By outsourcing a business process, companies tend to lose their managerial control. This happens because it is harder to manage the outsourcing service provider as compared to managing one’s own employees. Also because there is a tendency to skip (or miss to calculate) the potential hidden costs of outsourcing; which includes the high legal costs of putting together a contract between companies and time spent on coordinating the contracts. Though outsourcing can help somewhat to reduce expenditures of a business process, the hidden and missed out costs of outsourcing is hard to predict causing overall costs to often be underestimated. Thereby negating most of the upfront cost savings.

Another disadvantage is that outsourcing can also prove to be a threat to the security and confidentiality of issues of a company. If your company is outsourcing business process such as payroll, confidential information such as salary will be known to the outsourcing service provider. Outsourcing may also result into the possible loss of flexibility in reacting to changing business conditions, lack of internal and external customer focus and sharing cost savings. Loss of internally generated talent is yet another problem associated with the outsourcing as it may hamper the growth of an employee by depriving him from the experience he would have gained by handling the business issue himself then by passing it over to some other external party.

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